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Most Common Support Contract Answer and Question

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What is the main difference between a managed and support?

A Managed Service is pro-active management of your network. We will monitor and react to any potential problems we may spot. This is ideal if you have no technical knowledge and need someone to take on full responsibility. A Support Service is a reactive service where we respond to cases that you raise. This is ideal for companies that may have some in-house staff that are technically capable.

Do you take complete control of our infrastructure?

We can either Co-Manage or Fully-Manage your environment. You tell us what you want us to do and we will tailor a package around YOUR needs. We often work as an extension of the in-house team and complement their skills perfectly.

What will happen if I experience a hardware failure?

If you have a Hardware Maintenance agreement, then we can oversee the entire replacement process. If you don't, we will identify that before we begin our service and put one in place for you.

How frequently can we make changes?

This depends on the size of your network and how dynamic it is. We provide each new client with an initial consultation in order to customise your service around the needs of your business.

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